Reason for blog

Life is filled with questions that cannot be fully answered by science or religion, because they are subjective. For example; ‘What is my purpose in life?’. These types of questions are usually interpreted, analysed and contemplated by unique and gifted individuals, whose strengths are to think outside of the box, which will lead them to a deep and profound answer. These individuals are called philosophers.

The role of the philosopher is to teach us something about ourselves and the world around us through means of engaged contemplation and thought. A thinker is someone who dwells on the possible answers that stem from a question like ‘Why was I born?’. Luckily for us, there are different schools of thought that provide different perspectives and possible answers to a single question, which makes it easier to choose which brand of thought best resonates with you. As opposed to a religious institution where you must devote your entire belief system upon it, philosophy provides the flexibility to pick and choose your beliefs based on whatever moral barometer you have. This is the purpose and function of philosophy.

I have created this blog because I am deeply interested in the concept of philosophy and I would like to share my interest, influences and favorite quotes, along with my own anecdotal beliefs and thoughts that are worthy of sharing. I hope that in doing so, I will influence other like-minded people to share their ideas so that we may develop a discussion on certain subject matter. Subsequently, we shall grow all the more wiser together and share the ability to question things so that we may be able to negotiate these troubling questions with rationale, logic and reason.

I encourage anyone who stumbles across this blog to share ideas, bring up topics of discussion and comment on my own pieces so we can get our minds working!

Jayden Hogan

Wayward Son

Wayward Son!
Wayward Son!
Won’t you but fade away
into the sleepy hollow
where wind and wonder
find their resolution?

Wayward Son!
Wayward Son!
Won’t you but gaze
upon yourself
where mystique and intoxication
find their resolution?

Wayward Son!
Wayward Son!
Where might you find
your resolution?

The answers you seek
linger and wane
in the dark of night,
oh Wayward Son.